Charlotte Hornets: 66-1

Even if the rebranded (is it a rebranding if you are just going back into an old brand? Can brands work? Someone get me a brand strategist on the phone) Charlotte Hornets aren’t anything near to title contenders, they will at least look good as they try to improve on the No. 7 seed they caught as the Bobcats last year.
The new duds are slick, and Lance Stephenson will infuse the club with tons of”no, no, no, YES!” razzle-dazzle. Not only that, but rookie big guy Noah Vonleh is fascinating, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s jumper looks more like a shooter than a contortionist pattern gone horribly wrong.
There is reason to get fired up about those Hornets. You might even say there’s a buzz in Charlotte. You would not say that, naturally, because that is about as hacky as it receives.
Suffice it to say the accession of Stephenson and much more moments for Kidd-Gilchrist could help the league’s sixth-ranked defense get much better this year. If the crime around focal point Al Jefferson also enhances (which it could with Kemba Walker heading right into a contract season ), the Bugs could surely increase the playoff ladder.

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